Stay Hydrated Chrome Extension (Cristiano Ronaldo Edition)

Rakesh Purohit
2 min readApr 25, 2022


Hello all!

This is a little fun project I’ve created for myself.

I had difficulty keeping myself hydrated. While on-screen, I find myself lost in codes and solutions and debugger breakpoints. Sometimes, I bring back the full water bottle at home. And my parents were cautious about this thing. And gradually, I got aware of that too.

But keeping in mind while you’re too busy, is hard. Many times I found myself thirsty but not willing to drink water. It might be digital fatigue. I don’t know.

I am a web developer and I spend the majority of my time inside the browser. I keep switching between VSCode and chrome for the development and testing of my work.

There are many mobile application that sends notifications to stay hydrated while you’re working but allowing my phone to disturb me during work is a little annoying to me. I prefer to stay away from my phone while working unless it’s urgent.

So I came but with my Google Chrome Extension ft. Cristiano Ronaldo.

What does this extension do❓

It will simply replace your web content with Cristiano Ronaldo forcing you to drink water.

Cristiano Ronaldo's water gesture

What is so special about this extension?

  1. light-weight (because I don’t have many points here)
  2. MIT licensed (to make 2nd point as open-source)
  3. It will remind you every hour. ⌚️
  4. It will force you but replacing all your tabs until you refresh them all manually.

Well, I have written this extension according to my requirements. You can visit the below repository and make your version by fork 🍴 or send PR:

Thanks for reading!

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